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Thursday, March 19, 2009

An update and a down... umm, date?

Mark made it to Florida. Mark went to see his dad very late last night after arriving at the airport. Mark said they had some great conversation, but then the rest of it was just gibberish. His dad seems to be aspirating anything he eats. They are trying to decide at this point if a feeding tube is in order. The family is all getting together to talk about the decisions that need to be made. Mark says he does not look like "Dad", but he doesn't think he's going to pass at any second. But, all we know is that he is NOT well. Keep praying for Mark and his family. My kids are concerned about Grandpa, too. I think Dax is really upset about losing Grandpa. So, please pray for the kids, also. It's been a long time since they saw everyone in Florida, so now the guilt is setting in that we just didn't take them to see them as much as we would have liked. Just keep the prayers coming.

Of course, I am scheduled to work all this time while Mark is gone. I hired a sitter last night, which the kids love having her. I took the kids to good friends of ours early this morning and they got the kids off to school. Bless them! Our friend Ken, the husband, is diabetic too, and I had no worries about Remy while in their care. Remy had a low when she got up, so she was eating a granola bar as she was walking in their door. They got her fed and took care of her bolus, aaaand she ran out of insulin. Ugh, I forgot she needed to change her site. I heard her pump beep at like 3 am (The kids love to sleep in the huge bed with me when dad is gone, so I heard the Low Reservoir beeps loud and clear!), but forgot about it when we all got up. When I returned home from work this morning, I started drawing up vials of insulin for Remy's pump. We are heading out of town soon, so I figured I might as well draw up the extra vials to take with while I was at it. School called. Remy was in the office "not looking so good". So I headed down to school to get her. Her blood sugar was only 211, as I worried she was going to be either 42 or 552! So that's not all bad considering she didn't get a full bolus to cover her breakfast carbs. I brought Remy home, got her site changed, some insulin and Motrin in her and took her temp. Yup, 101.4. Her big concern is whether or not we can still go out of town. I told her if this subsides quickly (as brother had it not long ago and it went away quick without him vomiting or anything!), we probably still could. But, if she gets worse, no way. I told her what would be bad for us all, is if I get sick. Then we aren't going anywhere! Fingers crossed that she gets better and that I have an immune system of steel.

I also hope she didn’t get the sitter sick or the family this morning before school. Then we would really suck. I don’t do guilt all that well. So pray, pray, pray!