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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

And danced by the light of the moon

Do you remember the TV show ThirtySomething? I was like in middle school and I barely remember it, I think my sister watched it. At the end of the credits a couple sang “And danced by the light of the moon.” Well let me tell ya, the full moon must not yet be waning. Or is that waxing. Whatever the moon does after being full. I am still feeling the effects of it. I can’t stop laughing at myself about what happened to me, I’m such a dork. I worry about everything so much that I never take the time to laugh at myself. But yesterday was downright hilarious. As I was walking from the kitchen to the bedroom I had an itch on my left ankle, so, I rubbed the left foot with my right. This is when it happened - my right foot got caught on my left pant leg. I seriously went sailing – arms flailing out at my sides like a kid pretending to be an airplane. Though I was more like a helicopter with a broken propeller that was going down. I slammed my foot down on the hardwood floor so hard I thought I broke it. I had to run to get myself upright again because my nose was about to touch the floor when my foot did. My gawd it was so hilarious. I still can’t stop laughing about it. The kids couldn’t make sense of what had happened. They just kept eating their cereal at the kitchen table. Remy says to me, “Did a bug on the floor, like, trip you or something Mom?” Yeah, that was it.