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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Well it’s no wonder the man is retiring

I read that after the next Tour de France Lance Armstrong is retiring. Well, after tonight’s Cardio Cycling class at the Y, I can see why! My word, it was so hard! I can’t stand and pedal (known as second position) or do third position either which is like leaning over the bike. Holy smokes, I had two six-pound babies with no epidural and it was less painful than sitting on that spin bike seat. I even had the add-on cushy seat thing! I’ll tell ya, I am going to be sore tomorrow. I can’t believe that when he had cancer and things swelled on him that he just kept movin' on! You know what I am talking about right, you all watch Oprah, don’t you? They talked about it. I don’t want to talk about it. But one thing is for sure; I am ordering a Live Strong band ASAP. I don’t have one. I have a green Donate Life and a purple Live Well (National Kidney Foundation for kidney health awareness) but I hadn’t been quick to get the Live Strong one. Well, I’m gettin' one. I’m also going to dive into the book that he wrote that my friend Amy let me borrow. Now I am intrigued. All from one little bike ride. I came in the house and said to Mark, ”That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.” He says to me, “What? Ride a bike?” Mark won’t be doing much of anything but watching movies and eating bon bons here in the next week. He’s getting his hernia(s) repaired down at Northwestern. I am kind of freaking out about it, but trying to stay relatively calm. I know that things won’t be as hectic as they were when he had his transplant. But the same transplant surgeon that did the kidney-pancreas will do this procedure, as well. That’s good. It’s also like an hour and half surgery instead of eight. Still, it’s scary and just well, okay, scary. So, I’ll be even more nuts than I have been this week. I am so distracted. I seriously am just not together. I realized it when I took Remy to school today. But man, I don’t know what it is. (The full moon?) Maybe Mark’s surgery is a subconscious worry. This also just happens to be the busiest time of year in general for me. But if I wasn’t this busy, I would be miserable. I have to be busy, it’s just something about me. My kids are well on their way. They don’t seem to be happy lately unless they are miserable. It saddens be greatly. Remy had picked out an outfit that totally didn’t match and I said okay to it. It’s a battle I am trying not to pick anymore. But, even after saying yes (did she think I would say no?), she still was upset and went on to pick something even more mismatched. She was upset with me about having to wear long sleeves so she just went way over the top on this one. But, it all got straightened out and she went to school looking lovely. When Remy went to bed I sat with her for a bit, and Taffy was lying in there with us. I love to see how much she likes having a dog. She had her arm wrapped around her and would stroke her fur now and again. It was sweet. Then, you could tell it kind of bugged her. Taffy was kind of laying on her legs on top the blankets. Remy tried moving a bit and couldn’t. As we laid there listening to the Playhouse Disney CD, the Great Big Book of Everything song from Stanley came on. There’s this part in the song with kazoos that reminds me of Sixteen Candles! That made me think of teen movies, which I still love. I think Clueless is one of my favorite movies. I loved Felicity and 90210 when that was all on TV, too. Speaking of ages ago, they had great tunes in this Cardio Cycling class tonight. I’d like to be able to get the “Y” soundtrack. It was a great mix of Beastie Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers with some Green Day and Kelly Clarkson mixed in. Yes, you read that right. This chick that’s never watched American Idol likes Kelly Clarkson. My niece would be so proud! I want to start making my own CD’s to play in the car. When the weather gets nice I love blasting the tunes with the windows down. Yeah, I still think I’m, like, 18. I must look so cool in my SUV... with the carseats in back. I am a total dork. And, how many places do I really go by myself. Yeah, that’s me in the grocery store parking lot, jammin’. Getting back, it must take a lot of time to do though, compile all the songs you like. How do people do it for iPods and stuff? I am so not there yet. I looked at the Yahoo Buzz the other night and checked out the soundtrack music links, I love soundtracks! One link led me to the Garden State soundtrack; the movie from Zach Braff. I like him on Scrubs. Funny guy. That then led me to his blog. I am so intrigued by this blog thing. Especially intrigued by the celebrity blog. I checked out David Duchuvny’s (he is promoting his latest film, House of D), which is here on Blogger, before starting my own blog. I used to watch X-Files with Mark but I love Return to Me with him and Minnie Driver. You know, it’s a transplant movie. We actually saw it long before we even knew about Mark needing one. Weird when I think about it now. I can’t even get through the movie now without bawling. So, it’s neat to me to read these other people’s random (promotional, subliminal perhaps even?) thoughts. Totally enjoying Zach Braff’s blog, though it makes me question if it’s his or not at this point. Pretty sure it’s him. He writes, “anyone saying it’s me at any other site isn’t me.” That’s like when you get those emails that are a hoax. See Step 3 from’s steps to spot an email hoax:

3. Look for statements like 'This is NOT a hoax' or 'This is NOT an urban legend.' They typically mean the opposite of what they say.

Okay, so maybe not totally the same. But it seems like it to me. Make a note to self - bookmark the Urban Legends site and go there anytime you question an email that you get. Do that before sending it on to everyone else! Now, back to the ZB blog, he does something that I think is cool. He’ll list things to check out, like music or just sayings or whatever, sometimes-random thoughts. So, here’s my list:

Live Strong
Moreena started it all for me!
And yes… I’m still feeling the burn.