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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Fehget about TV turnoff week

That’s how Remy says forget, try it - “Feh-get”. A bit Sopranos accent, maybe some Philly, totally cute. I find myself saying it now. Said it just today to the neighbor. Our next-door neighbor does woodworking, so he came and finished the crown molding in our bedroom. It’s beautiful. I was beginning to feel bad having the kids watching their shows this morning while we got our day rolling. The kids watch a bit of TV in the morning, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Remy doesn’t have school. I am not a morning person, and it takes me a bit to get going. So as I sip coffee, they get a dose of Dora. Remy even says that with a wonderful rolling “R”. Dax is just like me, a total Tv-holic. He doesn’t understand Tivo yet, either. If I turn off the end of a show, he’s all, “But Backyawdigans is coming up next!” Nope, it’s not buddy, it’s Tivo. What did our parents ever do with us without Tivo? So, anyway, just about when I was feeling bad about the kids and the TV with the neighbor here today… Joe and Blue taught Remy how to tie a shoelace! And, because of Tivo, I could rewind “Shoehorn”, a.k.a. Randy Travis, telling her how to tie the laces! Remy was excited and so was I. It just came to her all of a sudden! We’ve tried it in the past, but it wasn’t working. So thank you Joe and Blue! Now Remy is all about getting shoes that actually have laces! All hers have Velcro or buckles. She is getting to be such a big girl. She said something today that was so funny and wise coming from her. I can’ think of it now, maybe because of the loud snoring coming from the bedroom downstairs. My word, Mark snores so annoyingly loud. It’s loud and I annoy easily this week. It seems to be the general consensus. I talked with my mom, sister and girlfriend whom all seem to be feeling the effects of the full moon, like me. My mom literally said to me today,” How long is this full moon going to last?” Weird, just weird. But everyone’s kids are acting up and we’re all on edge. Well, I am on edge. Everybody else is on their own. Edge or not. Anyway, I hope that after Mark’s surgery next week he stops snoring. I know that it sounds weird, but after his transplant, he lost a bit of weight, and his snoring stopped! Or maybe I was just so dog tired that by the time I finished nursing Dax for the millionth time, or driving home from the hospital with him screaming for an hour, or cleaning up after the sick dog after driving home from the hospital for an hour with Dax screaming, that I just didn’t hear him snore. Ugh, so many of the memories come back now and again. It was awful. I am so glad the kids are the ages they are now. Dax especially. He is just a sweet boy. He compliments all the time. He says to Remy what a pretty dress she has on. He tells me that he likes my earrings. Out of the blue, he’ll say, “Dad, I love you” or to whomever he’s saying it. He has a face that everyone says you just can’t say no to. Well, we do, and a lot. He has been getting in a bit of trouble lately. He is just breaking everything. He gets his hands on something and he has to mess with it til it either disintegrates or sister is crying about it. It was hilarious though today, he had on his Superman dress up outfit, with cape. He then came running to me with these turquoise high heels on. The poor boy has so many pictures of him in sister’s dress up things. But he’ll come to me with one of my purses from the closet and say, ”Mom, I have something special in here for you.” And give me something, a Polly Pockets or matchbox or something. Again, too sweet. I get so sad about Remy starting Kindergarten next year. What will Dax and I do without her around? I can’t help but feel that I’m going to literally miss having her here to play and stuff. Plus, I am getting verklempt about whether or not she should be going to the public school. Sometimes I think she really should go to a Lutheran school. I can save that for another blog. But, she is pretty excited about starting school in the fall. Mark and I have her orientation next week; hope he can wobble over there with me post-op. I worry about her being so young when she goes off in the fall. Will the other kids be more mature or mean? This is so hard, all the stuff you go through with the first child. I didn’t cry when she went off to preschool. The scrapbook maven that I am didn’t even take pictures that first day! But, the first day of Kindergarten, I’m gonna seriously lose it. I know I shouldn’t worry though. Remy is like 4 going on 15. Little Miss Independent. The other day she was doing the laundry. I didn’t ask her to help, she just did it. Emptied the dryer into a basket and put all the wash into the dryer. She EVEN cleaned off the lint trap! It was amazing. And now today, she’s tying shoes. I love life just the way it is, TV or not! But of course, Dax and I prefer it with TV.