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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

Today started out just plain blech. It's been cold, grey and cloudy with constant alerts to chances of rain, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Happy summer vacation, kids! I think the thunder outside right now could be used for a World War II film. I haven't heard weird thunder like this before. I don't know where all the water is going to go... everything has flooded and burst and washed away already. The whole thing is depressing. (I need some sunshine!) It didn't help knowing that back home it was sunny and hot today! Ugh.

Well it's Thursday. I looked at the calendar and saw that tomorrow, for many, is paraskavedekatriaphobia day. I for one, do not have triskaidekaphobia - the fear of the number 13. I don't think anyone in my family does. I know for a fact my sister and I like it, my daughter likes it, and I think my niece likes it as well. I made mention of the day and the kids asked why it's considered bad luck. So I looked it up. But Dax wanted to know more or less, simply, 'what is bad luck'? So Mark went into great detail and story telling to give an example and better explain it. In the examples, Mark made Dax the target of the bad luck. Nice. I guess he got it.

Maybe a half an hour later, Mark asks me if I've seen Dax's arm. Dax is covered head to toe in mosquito bites this week. They turn into these big puffy red bumps that irritate Dax so horribly bad. Remy has not been bitten at all. I came into the room to see which bite it was that was 'so horrible'. (Dax can be a bit dramatic) Well, this was bad. It was VERY swollen, REALLY red, and HARD as a rock. I told Mark to take him to the Emergency Room, stat. Mark thought it was a spider bite, looking and feeling as it did. I start thinking brown recluse... go! go! go! Find the hospital here! So they took off and Remy and I waited at home, in the storm.

Turns out, Dax is highly sensitive. (Why, yes. Yes, he is) Hence, the mosquito bites from Hades. He has also had this rash on his skin from the sunblock I put on him the other day. It was recommended that we only use kid sunblock. I am worried though about insect repellent for him! I guess Avon? They had Dax take some Benadryl. I am just glad it's not MRSA . I bet they didn't even check for it... Of course, I notice anything weird about that 'bite', you can bet I'll have him checked for that. Scary! But, on the good side of this as well, the boys returned home from the ER well before midnight (Friday. The thirteenth. get it).

Oh, and did I mention that we're not insured as of, like, today?