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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It rocked!

So, on Father's Day we headed back to Illinois. The kids and I stayed at my folks. Monday morning was the beginning of Vacation Bible School and in the afternoon, Dax had safety town. The kids got to play with their friends from school. We watched the premiere of Camp Rock. Mark came down and spent a couple of days back "home". The kids had their birthday party with the family over the weekend. The next Monday then was Camp Discovery. This is the Diabetes Camp. Both Remy and Dax attended. It's Dax's favorite. It was a wonderful two weeks. It is great to go back and visit. I know that I never want to go back and live there again. By the end of two weeks I was more than ready to go back to what I now consider "home". From the moment we got back to Illinois, I was busy, rushed and edgy. I was so happy to see friends and see the kids having fun with their old friends. It's a great feeling to have that when we go back. It's just different up north. I know that this was what was meant for us. This is where God wanted us to grow.

Before we left for Illinois, we did find our new church home. Many of you were asking how our "shopping" was going. I had found the church online and listened to some sermons, and they hit the spot. We attended one Sunday and a few classmates of the kids' were there. They have a great children's ministry, so Remy & Dax were able to get acclimated. The sermon we attended was as if it was directed to us. Then at the end, the song that was playing quietly in the background was the song that Mark had picked for the end of his witness. I looked over at Mark and he had tears in his eyes. There was a youth event for all families that evening and we planned to go. While we were there we spent a good amount of time talking with the pastor and his wife. Wonderful people. We felt so welcomed and at home. They are going to have a new sermon series that will be held during one evening a week. There will be a sermon, then break out sessions. It's about recovery. Mark and I really want to be involved. Since our CRHP experience, we want to reach out to the community. This new series will be open to anyone including outside the congregation. Slowly, I think bits and pieces of God's plan are being revealed to us.

I am so impatient. I want to know what is going to happen, what is to come. I want to know now. But God doesn't work that way. All this character building. I am really trying to let go and let God. But it's hard. I have days that I feel so close to God, and then others I feel so lost and far away from anything God wants for me. What does God want me to do here? I am reading the book 'For This I Was Born: Aligning Your Vision to God's Cause' by Brian Houston of Hillsong in Australia. I have every other page dog-eared with pencil scribblings and markings all down the pages. It is a good book for where I feel I am at, and Mark, too. It helps take some of the angst out of every day life. Each day is a gift. Now, what are you going to do with yours?