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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Never say never

Will we be moving back to Illinois? Mark got a call from a previous employer (the one on the Indiana border that took him two hours to get to) asking him if he's happy here, because he is "the man" for the new store they are opening next week. Mark told him he'd think about it. His theory is we could at least move back into our house, restructure our loan (aka not foreclosing) and maybe remain on our feet. Is there such a thing in that hoity-toity lifestyle known as Joe-ville? If you read a few posts ago, I said I'd never move back to IL. The lifestyle there is not really conducive for our physical, mental and financial well being. Don't get me wrong, there are so many great things about where we lived (like my family being so close) but I don't think I can do it, again. It's a nice place to visit. But I feel so good when I leave there. I am getting so settled here. I am actually making friends! I have even applied for part-time work so I can make 6 dollars an hour and work some 15 hours a week! Move back now? I don't think so. I said I'd never move from IL. But I can't honestly believe that God's plan is for us to move back to the hell that is the Chicago 'burbs.


Anonymous said...

We love you and will be there for you and come visit you wherever you may go.

And not all the burbs are crazy. Just some of them. hehehe

and yes, it's CAUSE we're awesome.