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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Santa's Little Helper

It's hard to believe how fast time is flying. I am starting to think about how I am going to shop for Christmas gifts, wondering where all our Christmas decor might possibly be (Here? In storage?). I am getting anxious for Christmas music... do they have a station here like in Chicago that plays all Christmas music from Turkey Day to New Years? This will be our first Christmas away from IL. It's going to be strange, for sure. I am thinking positive that it will still be as meaningful, cozy and full of love that it always is. It's what the season is about, no matter where you are. Er, I am.

Even though in recent seasons Christmas has come to mean more to me than just cookie exchanges (though I love them!) and gingerbread lattes (okay, love those, too!), there is a fun tradition we (okay, I) began with the kids. I was introduced to this fun tradition in our neighborhood a few years back. Elves.

Yes, elves from the North Pole visit us from December 1st until Christmas Eve. In some homes, each child might have an elf assigned to them, or one elf might watch over all the children. These elves of course have a job while at the North Pole, and if/when they get their work done they can come and stay with your kids and report on their behavior to ol’ Mr. Kringle. Then on Christmas Eve when Santa delivers, he also picks up the elves and takes them home with him.

The elves do as much or as little as you like. North Pole Magic has done all the work for you, with their 25-day fun calendar and elf notes, kits, goodies, treats and more. We just up the naughty factor ‘round here. Our elves tend to get into a LOT of trouble at night while they are with us. They have TPed the bathroom, hung Dax’s underwear on the Christmas tree and rearranged the entire pantry. Now, they aren’t always naughty. These elves will play a game of Uno at night with the Barbies, or read ALL the books that were on the bookshelf. They bring a new DVD or special PJ’s for the kids. It all depends on how tired mom is. I mean ‘they’ are… the elves… How tired the elves are! The children have been sad to see them go many a year. The first year Remy cried for Delaney to stay. That's her elf's name. She is a horse-toy-maker. Dax’s elf, Spencer, is in charge of the car department at the North Pole!

I just hope that Remy is not too old this year. Both my kids still talk about Santa, so I think I might have another year or so until Remy has to keep mum for her brother. I want them to 'believe' for a while yet. Keep them young as long as we can. Keep that magic alive.

Take a trip to the North Pole Magic and see who can come visit your kids for the season. One of the women that own the company was a neighbor of mine in IL. She is a sweet, sweet gal that adores Christmas-time and she is so passionate about making this fun for the kids, and making a memory for the children to last the whole month through. Or throughout the years to come, even.

The kids in the old neighborhood already had elves. When our kids got them all the kids would play together with their elves. Kids even dressed like the elves for Halloween around there! I got my sister hooked, and her girls have them - imagine the fun when all the cousins get together! It's elfin madness! Grandpa got one when he retired too, because he was going to get into too much trouble with all that free time on his hands, so he needed someone to keep him in line and report to the Man in Red!

Unlike all the other holiday decorations, I have the elves, I know where they are and I am ready for their arrival. But what will they do next, this year? I can’t wait!


autisMentor said...

I LOVE this idea. I can't wait to try it this year. My kids, especially Hannah, would absolutely be in heaven! Thank you for the idea. I may need to pick your brain for ideas as we get closer to December!